Our insider past, transformational present, & infinite future.

Our insider past, transformational present, & infinite future.


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ARTERNAL 2.0 is helping galleries worldwide reshape themselves digitally

The Art industry appears to be shifting and evolving rapidily. The traditional brick-and-mortar business model is quickly becoming only one option for business. If today’s art professionals want to achieve long-term success, they need to adapt. ARTERNAL is diving deeper into understanding individual gallery challenges.

A warm ARTERNAL welcome to Mary Leigh, our Director of Enterprise.

ARTERNAL announces the appointment of former Gallerist Mary Leigh Cherry as Director of Enterprise. With her on the ARTERNAL team, Mary Leigh’s experience allows her to help dealers apply the tools they need in house to excel with their relationships and sales.


170+ Users are active on ARTERNAL
170+ Users are active on ARTERNAL
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Expanding our community of respected art professionals from coast to coast, South America, and Europe.

Expanding our community of respected art professionals from coast to coast, South America, and Europe.
Our Step into the Art World Series grows
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Growing our presence, with ARTERNAL’s Step into the Art World series

Our series, Step into the Art World, is a monthly, more casual on Clubhouse with Heidi Zuckerman and Sean Green reaches 3000+ followers
AML/KYC Research
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Ever evolving, we begin work to protect galleries against cybercrime

Met with galleries to understand their pain point and liability for not being compliant with things like AML/KYC & multi-state sales tax. Research showed that with redirected wires when bank details are sent through pdfs in email and cybercrime increasing in general that the art market does not have the tools to protect against this.
Automating tax
Transactions / Quickbooks / TaxJar integration
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ARTERNAL seamlessly aligns with Transactions, Quickbooks, and TaxJar

ARTERNAL introduces flagship tools to make the sales tax compliance process effortless for the business of art. Leverage automation to minimize error and streamline processes across your gallery.
Continued media recognition
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Article after article, everyone wants to hear what ARTERNAL is up to

Sean Green is featured in Artnet Intelligence Report as 1 of 6 Changing the Future of Art Market and ARTERNAL is featured in Fintech Scales Vertical SaaS Report by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) a venture capital firm.
Georgieanna joins the team
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A warm ARTERNAL welcome to Georgieanna, Client Relations Associate

ARTERNAL hires a dedicated client success. Looking to leverage her background in the contemporary art world Georgieanna joins ARTERNAL as a client relations associate. After working in galleries, institutions and, artist’s studios she brings her product and client experience the role to support our users in every aspect of their customer journey.
Artnet Feature with Sean Green
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CEO Sean Green shares insights with Artnet

ARTERNAL’s CEO, Sean Green, featured in artnet, picks his favorite artworks and shares his insight on the current climate of the art market. Read more about what Sean and his team have been up to here.
Elevating our brand
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More prestige for ARTERNAL, with our first auction house client

First Auction house signs on with ARTERNAL
ARTERNAL Takes Off With the Rise of Remote Work & Pandemic
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ARTERNAL assists galleries through the pandemic’s digital transformation

As the future of art embraces remote work and digital transformation, ARTERNAL experiences unprecedented growth as more galleries turn to digital tools to reach customers, close deals, and communicate with colleagues.


120+ Active Users
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Our customer base hits triple digits, with over 120 active gallery users

ARTERNAL is growing the userbase and acquiring customers.
Victoria Hayward joins ARTERNAL
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A warm ARTERNAL welcome to Victoria, Executive Assistant to Founder

With nine years experience in the art industry, Victoria received her Master’s in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute. Coupled with gallery and auction house experience in both New York and Miami, Victoria applies her vast knowledge of the art market and its demands to support the team at ARTERNAL.
Collector contact profile
First Integrated Inventory Management + CRM
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Creating history, by integrating Inventory Management & CRM

ARTERNAL launches the art world’s first, all-in-one inventory management + CRM.
Sales pipeline
First Smart Mail Pipeline
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Our Smart Mail Pipeline creates better conversations between dealers and buyers

First pipeline workflow tool for the art world. Tracking email engagement and prioritizing follow up made it even easier to automate administrative tasks, and get full visibility into the health of your business.
Inventory Management Research
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Making it easier for our clients to manage their masterpieces

The team met with registrars using every industry database to understand their painpoints and what features they wished they had that would help them work day-to-day.


Expanding our reach
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Our clients are growing in quantity AND quality

First blue-chip gallery with international space as a client.
Mobile & IPad
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ARTERNAL is on the go, with our industry-leading mobile app

With the growth of the art fairs, people needed better tools to use when they are on the go. ARTERNAL introduced ARTERNAL’s best-in-the-industry mobile app, letting you move between your computer and your mobile life with the power of the ARTERNAL tools behind you!
Molly Joined – Director of Operations
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A warm ARTERNAL welcome to Molly, our Director of Operations

With a Masters in Art Business from NYU and experience in the New York art industry, Molly recognized the much needed innovation ARTERNAL promised for the art world and joined the team at the beginning of 2018. From managing client success and sales to product releases and implementation, she continues to leverage her perspective to drive ARTERNAL in its growth.


More momentum!
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With more than 30 galleries on board, ARTERNAL is flourishing

30+ Galleries trust ARTERNAL to help them build relationships.
CRM & Analytics tools

Introducing the world’s first art-centric CRM & Analytics tools

The art world’s first CRM is introduced to the art market. Traditionally most tools focused around the asset / artwork. The business of art lacked the tools to build and nurture relationships. So we sat down with you… the sales assistant, director and gallery owner to understand how you build and maintain relationships and built a tool to do so.
ARTERNAL onboards 5 customers

Our accelerating growth is evidence of our innovations

Team is excited they built something that can help the art market.
Mary Leigh Cherry is early user of ARTERNAL

ARTERNAL embeds in the gallery owner’s daily routine

Mary Leigh Cherry, a Los Angeles Gallery Owner, has a growing sales team that was using filemaker. She is looking for ways to organize her sales team and leverage tools to excel in their career. ARTERNAL soon became a necessity to her day-to-day.
Our first customers!

Champagne celebration for our first customer

ARTERNAL onboards its first customer.
Making bespoke email at scale a reality

ARTERNAL launches flagship product to give art professionals bespoke emails at scale

We created a digital solution to the existing art industry pain point of communicating at scale with clients. ARTERNAL created the tools for art professionals to send mass emails and offers to contacts with a single click. Our email customization tools allows art professionals to craft personalized messages in a fraction of the time.  
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We have traction!

Artlocal Becomes ARTERNAL

Art gallery owners repeatedly told Sean that their top priority was driving sales, not foot traffic. Envisioning the future needs of customers, the potential of data, and the power of analytics, Artlocal becomes ARTERNAL to focus on tools and technology to empower the Business of Art.  
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We’re onto something…

Our A-HA! moment

Customer Research

Getting smart with the ones dealing art


Marketing Artlocal to NY Art Galleries

Connecting with other art industry up-and-comers in LA and NYC

The team meets with Art professionals in New York and LA. LA was a younger art market with ambitious dealers who were looking to grow and who were more open to having conversations of their pain points.   Helpful Links


Artlocal joins The New Museum Incubator

Catalyzing growth at The New Museum Incubator

Artlocal joins the prestigious startup incubator. The New Museum Incubator focused on art, technology, and design under the mentorship of Lisa Phillips and Karen Wong.  
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Artlocal is founded

The journey begins with Artlocal

Our Cofounders, Sean Green, Ray Nguyen & Steve Miller founded Artlocal, a smartphone app providing information about art events and exhibitions. This was an image-based marketing platform for the art galleries, where the user can be able to navigate their art scene effectively without any guide or map.   Helpful links