Nurture your relationships with a bespoke CRM

The business of art is a relationship business — learn to use the simple and powerful Customer Relationship Manager made specifically and exclusively for art professionals to nurture relationships, close more art sales, and stay one step ahead with smart insights powered by ARTERNAL.

CRM | Contact Management

Follow your client’s journey

Stay one step ahead of the client experience – from email to transaction to understand their collecting behavior and preference. See where you can improve that experience and use insights to fuel your sales strategy.

Collector contact profile
Collector engagement
CRM | Contact Management

Strengthen relationships with your customers

Improve client journey by keeping everything about your contacts in one place. View your client activity, emails, correspondence, and more. ARTERNAL gives your art business the tools to increase client engagement with your brand. With all your data and insights in one place, you can see what’s working best and understand how to do more of it.

CRM | Sales Pipeline

Get your sales organized with our Sales Pipeline.

Our custom sales pipeline creates better conversations between dealers and buyers you will be able to see all the conversations you have in whatever stage they’re at – all in one place.

Sales pipeline
CRM | Rich contact profiles

Build rich contact profiles, your way

Easily build and expand individual client profiles to include relationships, interests, purchases, and email correspondence. Create custom contact fields and properties that work for your art business. ARTERNAL adapts to the way you work — not the other way round.

CRM | Contact Sync Integration

Sync to Mailchimp with a single click.

Import and Export contacts to and from Mailchimp with a single click. Save time by reducing double entry and dealing with overwhelming spreadsheets. (More integrations to come)


Mailchimp sync

Effortlessly search and filter through your

client database.


Find what you need in seconds with live updating lists, powerful search and filtering options.

contacts dashboard

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Let your relationships and expertise bloom. ARTERNAL addresses industry pain points with our Smart Mail CRM, intuitive inventory system, and financial insights. Get on with what you love about the art world.