Spend less time in your inbox

Our Smart Mail tool allows you to craft, personalize and send to up hundreds of personalized offers in one go. Unlock data like email opens and click-tracking to gain deeper insights so you can get closer to the sale.


Deliver mass personalized email offers

Send client specific emails and offers to your contacts with a single click, at scale. Our email customization tools allow you to craft personalized messages in a fraction of the time.

Send mass offers emails
Filter contact lists

Streamline how you target your offers to the right client

Automate your list creation and make it simpler and easier to segment your clients in order to build relationships and spend less time on repetitive tasks by automating your list creation. Put the right offer in front of the right client in a single click.

SMART MAIL | Insights

Reach the right client with instant and actionable data

Recent Activity in Smart Mail
Email correspondence offers
SMARTMAIL | Inventory Management

Your entire inventory
at your fingertips

Inventory Management is built right into the CRM all your related artwork, contact, and accounting records are kept updated in real-time as offers move through the funnel.

Got 30 seconds?

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iPhone and iPad mobile app

Take ARTERNAL wherever you go

Shoot off dozens of bespoke emails to key contacts or move a collector seamlessly through your sales funnel from a cafe, a restaurant, or a gallery. Our intuitive mobile app lets you harness the full power of ARTERNAL from your phone, so you can use it from all the places that compose the true art world.