Manage your art business on your iPhone & iPad

Move between the office, the showroom or the art fair with the power of ARTERNAL’s best-in-class mobile app.
MOBILE | Smart Mail

Compose offers on the go

Easily acquire sales cycle insights with ARTERNAL’s Smart Mail CRM on your iPhone or iPad. Engage with prospective clients and follow up with existing ones.

iPad app
MOBILE | Offers

Your entire inventory in real time

Access your entire artwork inventory whether you are in the gallery, on the go or at an art fair. Your inventory will follow you wherever you need to be.

MOBILE | Sharing

Share artwork through your messaging apps

Stay informed as to when your contacts are viewing your emails and viewing artwork that you’ve shared to them via ARTERNAL mobile.

Send trackable artwork links via all iPhone messaging apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, WeChat, KakaoTalk, text message + more.

Ready for a platform that understands your needs?

Let your relationships and expertise bloom. ARTERNAL addresses industry pain points with our Smart Mail CRM, intuitive inventory system, and financial insights. Get on with what you love about the art world.