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2022 – Top 5 Top 5s!

As we crossed over into the New Year, our CEO, Sean Green, sat down to reminisce on his top 5 top 5s in 2022. Take a peek at Sean’s favorite artists, museum exhibitions, gallery sales terms, events, and favorite apps of the year. Cheers to a fantastic 2023 for you and yours!

By Team ARTERNAL on Tuesday January 10, 2023
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2022 was an exciting and successful year for the ARTERNAL team! We traveled the world for the major art fairs, solidified company process and teammates, and continued to bring new users onto the ARTERNAL platform. As we crossed over into the New Year, our CEO, Sean Green, sat down to reminisce on his top 5 top 5s in 2022. Take a peek at Sean’s favorite artists, museum exhibitions, gallery sales terms, events, and new tech. Cheers to a fantastic 2023 for you and yours!

Top 5 Artists

Tunji Adeyani

Tunji Adeyani sitting in front of his painting.

Tunji is a rising star in the art world. I recall one of his first-ever solo shows at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery in NYC, pre-pandemic. The vibrant colors and strong paintings caught my attention. He reminded me of a young Chris Ofili. In late 2022 he had his first solo show at White Cube in London.

Lauren Halsey

Lauren Halsey sitting on the ground of an art gallery.

She embodies LA and Black culture in such an authentic way. She takes her neighborhoods (anyone who sees the work sees “their” neighborhood) and brings them to life through her sculptures, paintings, hieroglyphs, etc. In her first NYC solo at David Kordansky Gallery’s inaugural opening for his new space, she brought LA to NYC in a way that the city has never seen before. Such a special moment. And to top it off, Lauren Hill performed at the afterparty in the boom-boom room.

Nathaniel Mary Quinn

Nathaniel Mary Quinn wearing a red beanie sitting on a stool.

I just love Nathaniel’s paintings. He creates these figures that have different elements of the people he encounters in his neighborhood and beyond. There’s a beauty in the way he configures the piece that initially comes across as disfigured. During Frieze London 2022, he had an amazing solo show at Almine Rech’s gallery.

Rashid Johnson

Rashid Johnson standing in front of his artwork.

There’s plenty to say about this guy, but words do him an injustice. You just have to see the work. He is a multi-hyphenate: artist, filmmaker, sculptor, etc. He shows with some of the best galleries on the globe. In 2022, he took over Hauser & Wirth’s newest location in Menorca with an incredible exhibition of his work.

Simone Yvette Leigh

Simone Yvette Leigh standing in her studio.

It’s safe to say that she owned the Venice Biennale. I recall seeing her sculpture in Chelsea a few years ago and marveling at how grand and spectacular they looked. To see the accolades and recognition that she’s received since then, culminating with the US pavilion at the Venice Biennale, is just amazing and beyond deserved.

Top 5 Museum Exhibitions

Theaster Gates : Young Lords and their Traces, The New Museum, NYC

One of Theaster Gates' Work where a piano is attached via wires to 7 wooden boxes on a wall.

Henry Taylor : B Side – Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Exhibit room full of people viewing Henry Taylor's works.

Nick Cave : Forothermore – Guggenheim, NYC

Exhibit showroom with black sculptures of hands holding on to each other.

Barbara Chase-Riboud: Infinite Folds – Serpentine Galleries, London

BarbaraChase RiboudWork

California Biennial 2022: Pacific GoldOrange County Museum of Art/ OCMA, Costa Mesa

Exhibit room showcasing sculpture of strange creature.

Top 5 New Sales Terms Heard in Galleries

CRM Managers

Profile picture connected to other profile pictures of people with varying performances.

Welcome to the newest positions in the art world! We’ve been waiting for you! Sales operations and the people who know how to manage efficient sales teams & processes are here to stay, and it’s just the beginning.

Client Segmentation

Client profiles being linked with each other.

Related to CRM managers, sales teams want more data and the ability to really understand their clients’ desires. Going deeper into your client contacts is more cost-effective and generates better results than chasing new clients.

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value)

Contact profile with activity logs showing they put an artwork on hold and sold another.

Within client segmentation, ARTERNAL users want more activity data at their fingertips to better service their clients. Sales data analysis has gained traction in the art world.

Whatsapp Offers

Whatsapp offer being sent to client on mobile app.

Galleries are adapting ways they make offers to accommodate the changing behaviors of collectors. Let’s face it we’re all on our phones more than ever. ARTERNAL evolved to allow for auto-tracking of Whatsapp and any texting app offers.

Buy Now Pay Later

Affirm-enabled payment through credit card and ACH payments.

Galleries are looking for alternate payment options and ways to broaden their reach. Buy now pay later opens the door for new collectors to enter the market and existing collectors to stretch their acquisition timing.

Top 5 Events Attended

LATW (Los Angeles Tech Week)

LA Tech Week Logo with a beach background.


SaaStr Logo on blue background.

OCMA Opening

OCMA building on a clear day.

BlackOut: Los Angeles Dinner

Groups of people dining outdoors on a clear night.

Inaugural Paris + par Art Basel

Building with Paris + par Art Basel banners.

Top 5 Favorite Apps


Mobile Mockup of the ARTERNAL iOS App.

The ARTERNAL mobile app helps galleries hold their client & inventory data in their hand. It makes going from Gallery to an art fair or client visit a breeze. Our clients love the usability and workflows it offers, not to mention it’s the only platform that allows for auto-tracking text offers.


Notion screen showcasing different projects.

Our team enjoys Notion as a home base for company protocols & procedures, note-taking, project management, and goal tracking. You really can make magic happen in there. Sorry, not sorry, GDrive.


Spotify mockups showcasing different platforms such as laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Spotify gives you all the hype music, podcasts, and even meditation sounds needed to satisfy any audio craving.


Telegram messaging UI.

A great messaging app that allows multiple devices to use the same account (verified by SMS). It’s great for privacy, and more and more dealers are leveraging the platform. Instead of giving people your phone number, you can simply give them your username.


Someone holding a phone with the Anylist app opened.

Looking for a way to keep your family on the same page? Anylist offers shared meal plans and grocery lists. Perfect for this time of year when you might be trying to do a reset after the holiday season. Digitally store your favorite recipes!

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