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ARTERNAL Has a New Look

We’re still the same ARTERNAL, just with more space to grow.

By Mike Nguyen on Monday July 19, 2021
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Today, we announced in an email to our customers that ARTERNAL has a new look. We’re excited to share these brand updates and why we made them.

What’s changed and what hasn’t

We’ve updated our typeface, colors, and imagery. Aside from new colors, everything inside our customer’s ARTERNAL account will be largely the same. 

We’ve made changes to our website that make it easier to find helpful resources. A couple of highlights: 

  • We’ve added a Vision page to describe our vision to connect both offline and offline experiences.
  • We’ve updated our blog so you can stay up on topic with a global perspective on the art industry.

How we got here

Sometimes, you just know when it’s time for a change. Despite the fact we were proud of our website, we also found that it no longer expressed the right story. 

ARTERNAL is sustaining the business of art through an ecosystem of tools, data, and insights. We utilize insider experience & outsider perspectives to deepen relationships because we are committed to a vibrant future for the art marketplace. 

Yet our old website didn’t reflect that. This challenge presented opportunities.

We set out to create a clear and open space where we focused on primary content and smarter information flow. With its front page, the website shows its simplicity and style, where only core information and projects are presented. 

Images are a returning element and maintain their importance, bringing balance between different content types. We have emphasized moving images, which give the website more character and better explain our intentions.

We wanted the website to show the growth that we experienced in recent years. Our tone of voice became more mature and our copy more concise. 

We’ve set out to demonstrate with our brand visuals how we stand out from the sameness of our competitors. Through visuals of our unique product, we wanted to make it clear to our audience what we’re offering, 

We want to show our customers that being yourself is good for business by providing the tools and confidence to take risks, especially as their businesses evolve. We champion authenticity, originality, and expressiveness because it’s what helps us—and our customers—stand out.

The team is excited to hear your feedback. 

Mike is a founding designer and engineering at ARTERNAL. His mission is to build and scale products using fundamentals of user-centered design and how it intersects with research, technology and culture. He currently spearheads design, product and mobile engineering.

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