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The Delicate Dance Between Marketing and Sales: A Guide for Art Galleries

Has the art world been spending too many resources on marketing and not enough on sales strategies? How does your gallery strike the balance?

By Mary Leigh Cherry on Friday February 23, 2024
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Owning a gallery means many things, but in its simplest form, it is installing a space with captivating artworks by an artist or artists you have deemed important and then strategizing how to connect those works with the right collectors and institutions. Intellectual street cred for your program does not pay the bills. How do you realize consistent sales placements month over month? Enter the dynamic duo of marketing and sales, two distinct forces that should work harmoniously to bring art and art collectors together. Too often, more focus and budget are put towards marketing, and that imbalance of less investment in sales tools and strategies is the real telltale between stability or boom/bust sales results for any gallery.

Let’s explore the strengths of marketing and sales and how they collaborate to ensure your gallery thrives year after year.

Marketing: The Spotlight Stealer

Think of marketing as the dazzling showman, drawing crowds to your gallery. Its tools are everything from impeccable exhibition documentation on your website, strategic social media presence, and engaging events to targeted advertising spend. Good marketing cultivates awareness, generates excitement, and positions your gallery as a cultural hub and you as an industry expert.  

Marketing achieves this by:

Sales: The Artful Closer

Once the spotlight shines, sales steps in, and the suave negotiator guides collectors toward meaningful art acquisitions. Sales teams focus on conversion, building relationships, and ensuring a positive collecting experience.

Sales magic unfolds through:

The Tango of Success: Marketing and Sales Working Together

Imagine this: marketing attracts a potential buyer with a captivating social media post. They visit the gallery, drawn in by an engaging exhibition. A knowledgeable sales director greets them, listens to their thoughts about the work, and maybe even discovers what they have in their collection, then expertly guides them towards artworks that resonate. The result? A sale and a collector who can become a lifelong gallery supporter due to sales workflows and follow-up that you and your team implement to cultivate this collector.

Here’s how they collaborate:

Remember: Marketing and Sales are not competitors but partners in achieving the gallery’s goals. By understanding their distinct strengths and fostering their collaboration, you create a harmonious environment where the gallery thrives.


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