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ARTERNAL has created the infrastructure for today's and tomorrow's art world to thrive. The future of the art market is now, and we provide the technology that will take it there.

By Team ARTERNAL on Thursday June 17, 2021
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ARTERNAL has created the infrastructure for the art world to function not only for today but for tomorrow. The future of the art market is now, and we provide the technology that will take it there.

Designed with the art professional’s experience in mind, ARTERNAL consolidates client communications, inventory management, and administrative duties into one single platform for art dealers and their staff to drive revenue and strengthen relationships.

Art dealers and news outlets like Artnet agree – something has got to give when it comes to the perceived urgency to participate in so many art fairs. The reason to attend, of course, is for the collectors who descend upon these large indoor venues and bright tents across the globe (200+ fairs and counting), forcing dealer’s hands to pay top dollar to maintain their relationships with these collectors and, hopefully, establish connections with new ones. Taking the expense and commitment of resources into account, it creates tremendous pressure to optimize sales.

We know there is a multitude of things to accomplish beforeduring, and after an art fair, so let’s compare and contrast how ARTERNAL provides a real difference from beginning to end.


Collectors get overwhelmed by mass emails, so it’s common practice to send personalized, yet time-consuming emails to each client before a fair.Send bespoke emails to your clients quickly and at scale, including a personalized preview page.
To write personalized emails, one must depend on their memory as well as multiple tracking systems like spreadsheets containing notes on each client. Maintain in-depth profiles on each client to easily filter by interest, location, or other unique specifications to create a highly individualized email.
Painstakingly sending out personalized emails only to be left in the dark on the level of engagement is achieved with each client.Track email and text engagement: opens, clicks, and shares to inform the follow-up strategy and manage time efficiently. 
Manually create a deal pipeline based on client engagement.Automatically create a deal pipeline based on pre-fair engagement.

As we head into the fair, it is worth-noting that ARTERNAL’s bespoke communication and tracking systems go beyond email. It also works via text, WeChat, WhatsApp, and iMessage. This feature is particularly beneficial for our clients who regularly deal with the Asian market where text messaging is the default form of communication.

Shiny New Arternal Blog Post 3
Shiny New Arternal Blog Post 3

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ARTERNAL makes a fair experience less chaotic and more organized.

You’re meeting tons of great new contacts, collecting their cards, then manically writing in your notebook with the intent to load into your system and spreadsheets later.Using our integrated card scanner, automatically save new client information and begin building their profile immediately.
Try to keep track of yours and your staffs’ conversations with potential buyers, risking the chance of overlapped or differing communication shared.Ensure there is never duplicate or incorrect information shared by tracking the entire gallery’s communication during the fair.
Log into your inventory management system and manually create artwork of interest pages for clients.Manage inventory and send preview pages while on-the-go from the ease of your phone.
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Screen20Shot202019 12 0420at205.57.0520PM


If you’re like most art dealers, the next exhibition or fair is already on the horizon. The work cycle doesn’t give you much time to breathe in between, but time is of the essence to capitalize on all of the excellent relationship building you just did at the fair. We both know how you usually manage this part of the workflow, so let’s save time and highlight what could be different.

Track and follow-up successfully with ARTERNAL:

With time on your side, confidently send personalized and trackable follow-up emails to new and pre-existing clients post-fair.
Expand client profiles with newly attained information from the fair, including relationships, interests, purchases, and any prior communication.
Automate repetitive tasks and administrative duties for self and staff.
Rather than depend on intuition, evaluate the ROI of each particular fair over time with data-driven information.


The art fair scenario helps understand how, authentically, ARTERNAL drives revenue and strengthens relationships for art industry professionals. Wouldn’t you agree that the positives more than outweigh the fear of change?

Let’s talk. We’d be happy to connect and help figure out if ARTERNAL is right for your business. Request a demo today, and Team ARTERNAL will be in touch.

Shiny New Arternal Blog Post 2
Shiny New Arternal Blog Post 2

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