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Addis Fine Art Case Study

Monthly sales for Addis Fine Art increase 167% after enhancing sales collaboration and communication with ARTERNAL.

By Team ARTERNAL on Friday September 2, 2022
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Company Bio

Company Addis Fine Art Company size 11 to 50
Year founded 2016 Annual revenue $5 – $20MM
Locations London, UK / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Solutions CRM, Smart Mail, Inventory,
Financials & Compliance, Reporting, IOS

The BIG Picture

Addis Fine Art, a gallery elevating African art to the world stage, wanted to further its mission by improving business functions. It was looking for a software solution that would help save time, increase transparency in business operations, and make it easier to scale its team and business. Addis Fine Art also wanted to empower its remote team to collaborate and work from anywhere. ARTERNAL’s software checked off all their collaboration needs while providing the tools required to increase revenue — allowing Addis Fine Art to prioritize ideal clients in their system while tracking offers and interactions effortlessly.


67% increase in sales
47% increase in Artwork sold
167% increase in average monthly sales


Addis Fine Art’s team is very collaborative. Often, a salesperson starts a conversation with a client, supplier, or artist, and then another team member continues that conversation. This workflow meant they needed a tool that would do more than provide digital alternatives to manual processes. Our software solution had to empower collaboration — giving team members context and insights into where others left off. Additionally, it allowed leadership to visualize sales tracking data intuitively so they could easily extract insights and act with precision.

“Because our team works in a very open way, we wanted something that would allow one salesperson to pick up from another person’s conversation with our clients, suppliers, and artists. Couldn’t find anything else that does what ARTERNAL does in any sense.”

Raku Sile, Founder & Director, Addis Fine Art


ARTERNAL’s solution provided a way to remotely manage Addis Fine Art’s multi-location gallery from anywhere in the world. It also offered a complete software suite that ensured when team members update data in one part of the system (CRM), other functions like reporting receive the updates as well — limiting double administrative work. Additionally, Addis Fine Art used Smart Mail to scale personalized emails while reducing the time it took to message clients, allowing them to grow their sales sustainably.

We chose ARTERNAL because we were looking for a true CRM solution that would allow us to make servicing our client base easier. We really couldn’t find anything else on the market that provided a true CRM solution other than ARTERNAL. ”

Raku Sile, Founder & Director, Addis Fine Art

Addis Fine Art found a complete CRM with ARTERNAL — one that provided insights into sales discussions, empowered oversight, and enhanced collaboration. Consider a few ways the software did this for Addis Fine Art.

Customer Service Improvement

The availability of data and ease with which team members could locate it sped up response times — leading to happier clients.

Customer Service Improvement

Improved delegation

The visibility the ARTERNAL CRM gives Addis Fine Art’s management team allows them to delegate sales and logistics without giving up oversight.

Improved Delegation

Powerful mobile app

ARTERNAL’s mobile app on iOS has been indispensable for managing Addis Fine Art’s remote team and doing meaningful work on the go. The mobile app provides instant access to contact, inventory, and Smart Mail offer activity — empowering the team during remote work, international travel, and 
art fairs.

Powerful Mobile App

Enhanced revenue tracking

ARTERNAL has features like auto-tracking and analytics within the sales pipeline and Smart Mail solutions — providing accurate metrics to Addis Fine Art’s sales team and leadership. Moreover, they benefitted from creating invoice associations to improve the accuracy of its reports.

Enhanced revenue tracking


Control over privacy and permissions

Security is paramount for a remote team since a lost device or misplaced password can compromise sensitive data. Addis Fine Art leveraged ARTERNAL’s permission control to give its distributed team the necessary access without creating unnecessary security gaps.


Privacy and Permissions
Addis Fine Art

Results that MATTER

The goal of this engagement was to help Addis Fine Art work smarter, not harder. A great example of how ARTERNAL software improved efficiency and communication is Addis Fine Art’s use of the Smart Mail solution. Even though the number of emails sent stayed consistent, they were able to increase personalization and quality, making each communication more effective. Since using ARTERNAL, Addis Fine art’s number of monthly sales has increased by 116% and total monthly sales by 167%. Furthermore, its highest sales month total increased by 167%, and the month with the most artworks sold in a month by 65%.

With the help of ARTERNAL’s software, much of this personalization is automated, saving time the sales team can use to further conversations. Our CRM has also helped Addis Fine Art prioritize client outreach and contacts based on engagement and interests — improving outreach performance. ARTERNAL’s software has empowered Addis Fine art’s team through enhanced personalization, collaboration, and reporting visibility, ensuring the entire team can work together to propel the company forward.

Work smarter with ARTERNAL.

Art collectors want personalized experiences and responsive gallery professionals. Addis Fine Art leveraged ARTERNAL software to improve customer service and personalized outreach.

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Arternal visual addis

ARTERNAL is unique on the market as it is a true CRM. It is a real customer relationship management system that allows sales teams and galleries to accurately track offers and interactions in a straightforward and intuitive way.
Rakeeb Sile
Founder & Director, Addis Fine Art

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