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Spring Cleaning your data

Data cleaning and organization tips to improve your business operations, increase sales and cultivate loyal clients.

By Team ARTERNAL on Tuesday June 6, 2023
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Leveraging data is imperative in making informed business decisions. If you are not able to access your data easily and view it in an organized way, your business is at a serious disadvantage these days.

Data, put simply, is all of the information you track and store to run your art business. Everything from Client contact info, their interests, inquiries, and acquisitions to artwork details over time such as price changes, offers and click throughs.

So how do you upgrade your data organization? Spring is the perfect time for data cleaning.

Assess your tech stack.

Are you still housing your data in a server-based system? Is it on a hard drive server and not backed up and accessible in the cloud? 

Is your data impacted by TOOL SPRAWL? 

Do you have too many different apps that contain your data and that do not connect or worse, have multiple out of date versions of your data?

Do your tech tools encourage data cleaning? 

Can you filter through which contacts never open email offers? Can you determine which clients have made past purchases or even who’s contact profiles lack important details like last names and emails? Do you analyze client tiers?

What happens if you know you need to upgrade your systems and you have very real migration concerns?

1. Identify your questions

2. Request info about migrations from a tech partner that speaks to your specific concerns

The migration of data from legacy systems to your new, modern system

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ARTERNAL understands the overwhelming amount of information to manage & run a successful art gallery or advisory. That’s why our team spends time on the interface to make seeing and accessing your data easy and intuitive. Let’s face it, no one really likes spring cleaning, however most of us like the results! ARTERNAL creates tools that delight and encourage easier and more automated data organization. Interested in learning more – book a consultation today.

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